Planning, Learning, Organising…

About Kate

I dread the question “So, what do you do Kate?”  Kate in 2014

Sometimes I wish I taken up nursing, or accountancy, or architecture or sculpting.  Then I could give a neat one word answer.

But I didn’t. Instead I’ve spent most of the last nearly three decades  of volunteer then paid work helping people change some small part of the world they live in.  (If you’re curious, here’s more information about my previous work.)

These days most of my work is about helping small not-for-profit organisations work smarter, not harder. I write and deliver low cost, short duration, high impact customised training programs and help small organisations or programs to review and renew their structures, services, programs, plans and toolkits.   Some of my work is done alongside the ‘leadership team, some of it is done for the organisation and sometimes we develop a matrix of coaching, training and tools development – depending on the needs of each individual organisation or particular positions – because one size never fits all.  (Some people call what I do organisational development – but – to be honest, I’m never sure what to call it – or myself. Nanny McPhee does seem to suit some days!)

When I’m not working on a project (or three) or writing or delivering training programs or facilitating workshops, I’m working on my own To-Do lists and my next book about community management. And I’m learning how to build custom online workspaces… and trying to learn to speak French. Life is never dull!