Planning, Learning, Organising…


(Please note –  I’m a “help you get stuff done” type of workshop facilitator – not the “touchy-feely, make everyone feel warm and fuzzy but go round in circles” type.  So please don’t  be surprised if I occasionally step on someone’s… erm… sensitivities.)

Strategic Planning

I help small organisations and teams figure out how to work more harmoniously and smarter, not harder.  From first hand, grass roots experience I knows how difficult it is to change the world when you don’t have enough people or time or money… but you still have legal obligations to meet and people’s expectations to manage. I also help organisations develop their Strategic and Annual Plans to keep their Board or Committee, staff and volunteers on track and on time.  Each ‘reviewing and renewing’ session is customised to suit the needs and circumstances of the particular group or program.  (Ask me about our Speed Planning workshops.)

Governance Health Checks

When it’s time for your Board or Committee to have its Annual Health Check, I’ve got the tools to get the job done. Waaaaay back in 2012 I launched Australia’s first online Governance Health Check which I customised to suit each organisation’s particular environment and needs.  Nowdays, the world is more complext and so is the assessment tool.  Check it out here. I can help you develop your own Policy or Reporting toolkits so that your board,  subcommittees, staff and volunteers can work smarter and faster – with less stress, less mess and – importantly, more satisfaction for everyone.

“Help!  Meetings will be the end of us!”

Most Boards or Committees run into strife from time to time because of a lack of purpose or structure, indecision, boredom, confusion, lack of commitment or follow-up by members, inflexibility, mistrust… it’s a scary list. (Check this out!)  I can help you re-organise and re-energise your meetings by helping you to better manage the business content (the ‘what’ – the agenda) and the meeting process (the ‘how’ – how to deal with both the business and with each other).  If your Committee is already in crisis I can (using an oh-so-careful blend of stick and carrot) coach you through developing new and better ways of identifying issues, solving problems, making decisions and tracking progress.  And yes – I can act as an Independent Chairperson for a negotiated number of meetings if that’s what’s needed to get your organisation back on track. Recent clients include: