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The end is nigh! Sort of.

Posted on December 11th, 2012 by KateReynolds

Yes – it’s December.  What a relief.  It’s been a big year and my To Do list is finally shrinking. I’ve finished all the workshops and training programs for 2012 so I’ve only got policies and plans left to complete, oh – and I need to learn how to use Slideshare and Prezi and I’ve got to get my head properly around e-learning and a few new regulatory frameworks – oh – and SA’s new work safe legislation… And then there’s that overdue book… So – you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m looking forward to some down time with family and friends to recharge the batteries to make sure that I’m ready for an equally big year in 2013!  Which means any gossip you hear about me sitting around drinking white wine in the sun ( – is probably true.  Between 21st December and 3rd January anyway.  Christmas Cheers to you all!