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Old Stuff

My work has always centred around building capacity – of individuals, organisations or communities.

Prior to (re)establishing my own business in 2006, I was selected to fill a casual vacancy in 2003 in the South Australian Parliament’s Legislative Council.  From February 2003 to March 2006 I was the Australian Democrats shadow spokesperson for:

  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Child Protection
  • Disability Services
  • Education
  • Gambling
  • Local Government
  • Refugees
  • Tourism
  • Volunteers
  • Ageing
  • Children’s Services
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Further Education & Training
  • Housing
  • Recreation & Sport
  • Social Justice
  • Youth

(Nowdays, I’m not a member of any political party – and unless there are some amaaaaazing changes to the Australian political landscape, sadly, that’s not going to change.)

Before my time in South Australia’s Big Red House, TAFE SA’s Community Services and Health Program kept me busy at the Barossa and Gawler campuses where I:

  • coordinated Certificates III and IV in Community Development
  • wrote teaching and learning materials and delivered and assessed training programmes
  • undertook industry consultations
  • supervised work placements
  • supervised part time instructors
  • wrote and delivered fee for service training programmes
  • participated in national and state curriculum development and review

At the same time I was the owner/operator of On-Track Training.  Highlights of those years included:

  • writing and illustrating ‘Just a Tick – A Best Practice Survival Guide for Committees and Boards of Management’ for SACOSS/CANH/Volunteering SA (published in 1999 and revised in 2002 and under revision again).   I also wrote and then delivered the accompanying training program to more than 200 organisations around South Australia.
  • writing ‘Take Your Partner For The Corporate Tango – A Guide to Developing Successful Business and Community Partnerships’ for Volunteering SA (published in 2001).  I also wrote and then delivered the accompanying training program to more 80 organisations around South Australia.
  • completing various consultancy projects for local governments including:
    • Policy and Procedure Project for 9 Onkaparinga Neighbourhood Centres (2002)
    • Strategic Review of City of Onkaparinga’s 9 Neighbourhood Centres (2001)
    • Adelaide Hills Council Human Services Action Plan (1998)
  • writing and delivering over 200 half and full day training programmes to more than 500 community organisations on:
    • Meeting procedure
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Strategic planning
    • Understanding policies
    • Risk management
    • Volunteer Management
    • Publicity and Marketing
    • Event Management
    • Lobbying Skills
    • Working with the Media
  • delivering over 50 one-day AussieHost customer service training programs across SA to small business operators and tourism centre staff and volunteers.

Before that I was employed as one of the Country Regional Workers for the Community & Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association Inc. (now Community Centres SA)  providing face to face and long distance information, advice and support to committee members, volunteer coordinators and centre coordinators in the areas of community development principles and practices, committee management, conflict resolution, legal responsibilities, employer responsibilities, volunteer management, lobbying skills, policy development and strategic planning.

And before that… volunteer work, advocacy groups, administrative work, babies, house renovations…