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Community Services Forum - Constitution review March 2018

Many thanks for your fabulous work in updating the Forum's Constitution. You took a complex, laborious and time consuming task and turned it into a very clear and concise process for us to consult, get feedback, amend and adopt. Hey presto! It's done! I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any organisation requiring a constitutional review. Maggie Secretary Tea Tree Gully Community Services Forum Inc.

Establishing a new organisation 2017

Four years ago, as a member of a community organisation I was required to attend a training workshop on Governance. This was co-ordinated by an outside facilitator. I expected some version of torturous tedium, but instead, the facilitator’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to make Governance and Legislation clear, accessible and even interesting surprised and impressed me. Not only did I stay awake for the whole session, I made sure I kept that facilitator’s details afterwards “just in case”. That paid off earlier this year because a group I’m in was discussing plans to Incorporate, and I knew that the facilitator of the Governance workshop I’d attended - Kate Reynolds - was the person to help us do it. I retrieved the details I’d carefully kept, got in contact with Kate, and hoped I had been right. I was more than right, and getting Kate on board in our formation turned out to be the best move we could have made for our organisation. Kate helped us from the ground up, guiding us to put together Objectives, a Business Plan, and our Constitution; ensuring at each step of the way that this was in our words, with our intentions and our vision for the Organisation that was being created. Our community is little understood by many among the general public, but Kate made the effort to connect with our perspective, translating and reflecting what we had hoped to achieve and helping us define our Objectives. The outcome was well beyond our expectations. Kate’s expertise in the area of State Government legislation around associations, organisations and incorporation made a potential minefield easy work. Breakdowns of the processes, dot points and time frames made it all navigable. Her behind the scenes work with document production was of top quality, and lodging everything with the CBS was smooth and straightforward. Our sessions were well-paced, comprehensive, and really enjoyable. AAISSA now has a rock solid foundation and a workable plan for the future and we cannot thank Kate enough for her expertise, professionalism, generosity and support in getting us to this point. Sharyn, AAISSA Inc.

Public Speaking 101, March 2017

The Elected Members were really very happy with your session. I know it would have been something of a challenge given the limited time frame but they found it really worth-while. Kirsty, City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Skills workshop, 5th May 2015

What did you like most about the workshop? - The online Learning Space is the most user friendly, clear, logical tool I have ever seen! Brilliant! - Convenient, easy to follow, useful information. - Trainer Kate's ability to teach and listen to questions from the group. - Kate made it all easy to understand.

Skills Workshop, 6th May 2015

What did you like most about the workshop? - The online Learning Space, Kate's sense of humour, Christine's cooking. - Convenient, easy to follow, useful information. - Trainer Kate is a good teacher and approachable in asking questions. - Kate made it easy to understand.

Thanks! April 2015

Hi Kate Thank you so very much for the Member Management Workshop today. As always, when I attend your training sessions I leave refreshed and full of inspiration for continuing the work of MEHC. Your understanding of the Community housing Sector in our state from the big picture and way on down to the tiniest detail is invaluable to our CHO and also to me personally. The information you provide and your presentation style gives me the benefit of fresh thinking and new ideas. So often we get ground down and burnt out; barely keeping our heads above the water to keep our CHO's surviving. You provide the inspiration to be able to pause, reflect and realise the potential and possibilities for growth that we have right under our noses; so that we can return to our groups with renewed determination and enthusiasm. Profound thanks! Tam C.

Managing Members Training 30th April 2015

Hi Kate. Thank you so very much for the Member Management Workshop today. As always, when I attend your training sessions I leave refreshed and full of inspiration for continuing the work of MEHC. Your understanding of the Community Housing Sector in our state from the big picture and way on down to the tiniest detail is invaluable to our CHO and also to me personally. The information you provide and your presentation style gives me the benefit of fresh thinking and new ideas. So often we get ground down and burnt out; barely keeping our heads above the water to keep our CHO's surviving. You provide the inspiration to be able to pause, reflect and realise the potential and possibilities for growth that we have right under our noses; so that we can return to our groups with renewed determination and enthusiasm. Profound thanks! Tam C.

Thanks, February 2015

Thank you for your training over the years. It was always refreshing, interesting and informative. I found your approach to be sound and supportive. Kindest regards Mandy

Thanks, December 2014

Wooohooo!!!!! Hi everyone - great result on our application, thank you all so much for your work in helping me get this thing done on time. This has been a great team effort, especially since we started the process about 18 months later than we should have. Thank you Kate for all your help - we never could have pulled this off without your help and guidance. Bec, KICHA Inc.

Thanks, December 2014

Hi Kate, I am very happy to tell you that today we received our final determination and we have been granted National Registration, Yeh! I must thank you for all your help and tuition, I was a bit worried there for a while, but got over the nerves, and wow, we have done it. Thanks. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Val, ECO Inc.

Thanks, December 2014

Thought you might like to know that Merz has been registered under NRSHC. Thanks for your generous and wise guidance along the way. Francesca MERZ Inc.

Thanks, November 2014

Just wanted to thank you for the great workshop yesterday. It was very valuable for me, despite the terrible facial expressions I exhibited. I really enjoyed the information and clarification of processes and the networking. Your Evernote thing is fabulous. Regards, Wendy ISHA Inc.

Thanks, August 2014

Hi Kate, Just wanted to officially thank you for all the loads of help you've given us, and other co-ops in preparation for the National Regulatory System. That help has been invaluable and I have no idea how anyone would've coped without it. We are as ready as we'll ever be to "face the CHRIS" on Monday. We actually got our Policies through in time.....just! So thanks again.....on behalf of all the members. We are extremely grateful. Roz CHINA Inc.

Small housing organisation, March 2014

Hi Kate - Another good session today....I said to someone there that it's like you're inside our heads and know just what to cover.......thanks. Roz.

Health Check February 2014

Thanks for the Health Check Workshop on Saturday. On the way home we talked about how informative it was & how clumsy our processes are. I think we all want to see a more streamlined system in place but no-one knew how to move the whole group forward. Having an independent facilitator helped enormously! Jane

Housing Organisation, Health Check, February 2014

What did you like most about the workshop? * Kate's concise and intelligent manner (and very pleasant) * Clarifying our approach and what we needed to develop further * Independent facilitator ensured the group was able to see beyond the current practices to other ways of making decisions and running meetings * The knowledgeable and easy and approachable attitude of the trainer Kate * The instructor * Kate's ability to clarify issues and provide direct answers * Bringing the organisation together with a third party * All information was clearly given and consideration given to everyone * Well put together and thoughtful.

Various Organisational Health Checks late 2013

The Health Check Report was very useful. Most of all I liked the fact that the workshop gave an opportunity to cover a complex range of issues with my fellow Board members. Most of all I liked the opportunity to consider aspects of the organisation's governance in more detail. It was engaging - which is a credit to Kate. What did I enjoy most? It was a great opportunity for learning - with very clear outcomes. What did I like least - nothing - it was all fantastic. I liked taking a rare moment of self-reflection. I liked the simplicity of the teaching. I was all easy to understand. Well presented Kate! Thankyou. It was all enjoyable - a good training for everyone present. I liked everything, and learned so many things, and wish there was a third session! I liked how Kate explained everything. She's awesome! There's nothing to improve about the workshop - everything is well and truly explained. The discussion was very relevant for our organisation. I like the whole lot! I liked everything! Very informative. I liked the helpful contributions/suggestions from a third party that can help to bring about change. The workshop gave us important information about our organisation. The course was clarifying and very helpful! It was excellent! The explanations were easy to follow. I enjoyed the structure of the workshop and information provided. It was all interesting. The workshop was excellent. Kate is a very clear and interesting presenter who knows her stuff! I enjoyed finding out what we need to do to improve our organisation. It was all very interesting. I really enjoyed Kate's manner and the variety of ways she used to demonstrate things. I liked I could speak out. I liked Kate's organisation. I liked that Kate was organised and inclusive. I appreciated the new information. I liked the clear and informative information about what our organisation needs to do and where to start. The whole workshop was well put together. It was easy to follow. It was easy to understand. I liked the information that was provided. I liked the process and the presenter. I liked finding out that what we need to do is achievable! Interesting and helpful report. I'm looking forward to the follow up information. Clear options/information/choices. As always, Kate managed to impart the reality of the work required with a clear focus on future choices. I liked the clarity of purpose and the clarity of the work to be done. It was interesting. It was very informative and will help us develop our skills. It opened my awareness to many areas that we need to attend to. It was very useful to my current role. I liked it all! There was a lot detailed useful information we can use to improve. Thankyou for providing a great session! It was useful to recognise how to structure areas that had been uncertain. I liked the opportunity to learn new things. I liked all the information and I liked how it was presented. I liked everything. I learned a lot more about what is expected of my role in the organisation.

Program Manager August 2013

Thanks Kate, appreciate all your great work. I’m really delighted at how well this is all panning out. Thanks so much for your huge contribution to all the thinking and planning. We've discussed the whole program of the related workshops and associated online opportunities, and we’re both incredibly excited about it all – it is really putting the program on a new footing for the future. Thanks! Jane

Independent Chair - September 2012

Just what we needed. Thanks. Fantastic night. Very informative. I want more information. Great. Thankyou! 🙂 Great start. Educational meeting. Very helpful session. Thankyou. Great. Thankyou. Very informative. 🙂 Thankyou. Fantastic. Useful. A relief. Hopeful. Positive. More please! it was such a relief to have the introduction of efficient and clear thinking from an 'outsider'. Same for dealing with the 'issues' like the Code of Conduct. It was great to discuss in the way you did. Thankyou! It was great! Thanks. Loved your facilitation and all your support. 🙂

Organisation Health Check August 2012

What did you enjoy most about the workshop? - Knowing that we are in a good position going into the National Regulatory System process. - What we need to do is now clear. - Lucid instruction style. - Fast pace with non nonsense. - Finding out what other people's responses were - knowing that we are doing well. - Knowing that it's more about identifying areas of need than pointing fingers of blame. - Lots of relevant information. - It was relevant and interesting.

Effective Meetings, August 2012

What did you like best about the course? - information about other organisations - protocols etc. - handouts - knowledgable instructor - customisation - well organised and fun - clear and useful - Kate is a gifted and dynamic speaker. Impressive! - the role play of a meeting - ideas about how a meeting should be run - clear and direct delivery of the course - the presenter's excellent preparation - group discussion - gaining knowledge re procedures around reports and minutes.

Housing Co-operative, Chairperson, May 2012

Thankyou for the training day Kate. In our General Meeting last Tuesday there was a marked difference in morale, solidarity and willingness to assume responsibility and we have begun implementing the changes straight away.

Anthony, Mile End Housing Co-operative, April 2012

Congratulations and thank you on the training Kate. I thought it was well prepared, well presented, well organised and well led. In speaking to some members over the past few days the feedback is very positive and generally a spirit of togetherness and co-operation is coming forth in those members. Your strategic plan is detailed and again a thoroughly useful document for us to follow and put into action. Muchos gratias, Look forward to using your guidance, teaching skills, knowledge and leadership in the future. In the spirit of co-operation, Anthony.

Health Check Workshop, Housing Co-operative, April 2012

What did you like most about the workshop? - Kate's style was clear and informal, - Open discussion, - It was strategic and tailor made for our Co-operative's needs, - The level of productivity achieved, - It was totally relevant to our current status, - It gave us energy to move forward - That we emerged with a set of clear objectives and actions - Really helpful and needed - Kate, - The workshop was well structured and fulfilled the Co-op's agenda and the course needs, - Well informed and great for our Co-operative, - Getting together and having the discussions - All of it! - Presenter wad energetic, interesting and informative, - We learned a wide variety of things.

Strategic Planning Workshop, History Council of SA - January 2012

Just a quick note of appreciation for a really good session yesterday. Everyone was in agreement that it was very worthwhile indeed, raising all sorts of important points and questions which we would not have managed to bring up or focus upon otherwise. President, Professor Emeritus Wilfrid Prest, BA (Melb.), DPHil (Oxon.) , FRHistS, FAHA, FASSA,

Coaching for Effective Meetings - Housing Co-operative, 2011

Kate was very available and approachable and always reliable in terms of meeting with myself and our Assistant Chair. She was easily accessible in terms of email and phone calls. It was excellent timing that we were booked in to do the Effective Meeting Procedures training between the two General Meetings that Kate assisted us with. I felt we were easily able to convey to Kate the problems and issues particular to our Co-op and she provided pertinent and relevant advice and support with these. I felt like Kate modelled more effective ways of managing the meetings then stepped back and enabled me to try these methods in a way that I could learn by trying them out for myself while still feeling supported. The templates for meeting agendas and sub-committee reports are invaluable tools for us to use to streamline our meetings and thus contribute to the smooth running of our Co-op. Thank you so much Kate. Chairperson, Hindmarsh Housing Co-operative Inc.

Coaching for Effective Meetings - Housing Co-operative, 2011

I very much appreciated the seemingly easy way you got a grip on all the issues that we needed some help with and the manner which which you dealt with them. From the Secretary's viewpoint - thanks for the templates on agendas and reports and the advice on how to get our meeting procedures working effectively. There's no doubt that the benefit of your input with be ongoing. Secretary, Hindmarsh Housing Co-operative Inc.

Organisational Development Workshop - Aldinga Community Centre Inc., November 2011

Thanks for all your help Kate. You generated a lot of thought and discussion around important topics and helped to clarify our future directions. Pam - Centre's Community Development Officer.

Local Goverment Association - Dynamic Presentation Skills (for elected members), July 2011

Q1. How would you rate the presenter? 17 Excellent 1 Good 0 Average 0 Poor Q2. What did you like about the presentation? Comments were: • Interactive, involvement. • Engaging. • Involved everyone. • Easy to follow, fun and very informative. • The whole presentation/format was good. • Interactive, engaging, encouraging. • Very informative, all useful information I will use in the future. • Relaxed style that involved everyone. Open to questions. • The day was engaging. The presenter managed the group and the material well. • Entertaining. Kept my attention all day. • Engaging and met my expectations. • Good mix to keep me interested. • Pleasant, clear voice, relaxed, engaging, presented at the level of the audience. • Dynamic, interesting and good content. • Encouraged participation in a non threatening way. • Interaction with learners and Youtube examples. Everyone had a turn at a presentation and group work. • All good. Q3. How could the presentation be improved? Comments were: • Couldn’t have improved. • All good. • Maybe do over 2 days if there are a lot of attendees who need to go. • I can’t think of anything! It was a great workshop. • Can’t think of any improvements – excellent. • Nil – but could have had an exercise that showed us how to write a good speech. Excellent. • N/A. • Not sure.

Good Governance, Housing Co-operative, August 2011

What did you like best about the course? - Kate's engaging presentation style. Thankyou. - It was concise and applicable. - It gave us a broad overview of the entire Co-op's role. - The style of the delivery of all the information. - The way we were all encouraged to participate in the discussion. - It was easy and concise considering how much we needed to get through.

Housing Co-operative, Writing Reports and Taking Minutes, July 2011

What did you like best about the course? - Kate is brilliant! I love her style, her sense of humour and her knowledge. - Covered everything that we needed in our Co-op - Very helpful and informative. - Clear and speedy - Kate's clear, informed approach. - Kate was very easy to listen to.

Strategic Planning Workshop, Coromandel Community Centre, July 2011

Hi Lyn and the fantastic Coro team!!! I just wanted to congratulate you on last night's strategic planning session. As usual another valuable and productive Coro event. From where I was sitting it went off seamlessly - which of course means there must have been a hell of a lot of planning and preparation to make it so. Kate was a great presenter moving things right along without any feeling of being rushed. I look forward to seeing her summary of the evening. And of course the food - how you got us to sit down again I'm not quite sure. So well done, well done, well done!! Helen

Policy Review Workshop, May 2011

To the funding body - just a note to say thank you for providing us with Trainer Kate Reynolds, to assist us with training in by-law and policy review. We has recently formed a working panel to proceed with this review and Kate's input was gold to us. Her training gave members of the working panel: a) clarity and understanding of the issues involved b) firm direction with structures to follow c) a clear and realistic timeline within which to work d) a sense of being energised with an increased capacity to carry out the numerous tasks associated with such a review. This training will greatly increase the likelihood of success for the panel as well as the Co-operative. Once again thanks for this important input to our Co-operative.

Team Leader, Community Development, City of Onkaparinga, May 2011

Kate - thanks for all of your support throughout the Partnering Workshops - your clear thinking, sense of humour and commitment are really appreciated.

Housing organisation - Chairing skills, May 2011

What did you like most about this course? - Thanks for putting so much energy into this. I believe that this has been fundamental in putting our organisation back on track properly. THANKS! - Kate's frankness - Instructive and constructive - Kate was excellent! Great with structure. - Good control over the group - Well run.

Housing Co-operative - Role of Office Bearers training, May 2011

What did you like MOST about this course? - Everything - It was well presented and kept my interest - Clear and comfortably paced - Understanding what was explained to us - Much needed information was supplied and explained - Learning! - The session was extremely helpful and relaxed.

Tenant Advisory Committee Workshop March 2011

(To the funding body) On behalf of the Frederic Ozanam Housing Association Inc I would like to convey my appreciation for the excellent workshop conducted by Kate Reynolds for the Tenant Advisory Committee on Wednesday the 23rd February. The workshops achieved a number of outcomes. These were: * Reinforced the commitment of the attendees to being active members of the Tenant Advisory Committee. We now have 7 members including a Board member. * Clarified the role of the committee members and its relationship with the Board of Management. * Empowered the Committee to formulate actions. * Provided achievable actions for the Committee to undertake. Thanks once again for supporting this initiative.

Housing Co-operative - February 2011

All the members accepted our new By-law at Saturday's meeting! Thanks for all your help and expertise. We really appreciate it.

Ministerial Advisory Committee - Strategic Planning Workshop, October 2010

Thanks very much Kate, very much appreciated. I thought you did an excellent job and I've had very good feedback from various people about your facilitation skills.

Peak Body – Report of Strategic Planning Forum for Members, October 2010

Thanks Kate. You have captured it all very well and the document will be very useful for the Board and team in planning for future... Many thanks again.

Good Governance training, February 2010

What did you like most about the course?

  • Interesting all the way through
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Informative
  • Explanation of queries on different subjects
  • All of it
  • Method of presentation
  • Laid back style but all information presented
  • The presentation and presenter

Organisational Development training– February 2010

What did you like most about the course?

  • Presenter – ease of discussion
  • Well structured and stimulating
  • Clear, concise, informative
  • Practical advice on what changes or enhancements we could make

Effective Meetings training, March 2010

It was very specific to us so we could ask the most relevant questions. Kate was very helpful.

Group Development session, March 2010

What I liked most about the course was the engaging and enthusiastic approach of the facilitator. She was excellent!

Good Governance training, mid March 2010

Kate is great! She’d make any course go well.

Good Governance training, early March 2010

What did you like most about the course?

  • The tutor’s clarity and delivery – no time wasting, no unnecessary anecdotes!
  • Kate has a very easy approach.
  • I liked the lively discussion!

Good Governance training, late March 2010

Congratulations on keeping the pack together today. Just thought I'd let you know I appreciated the way you kept energising the group by layering positivity over the negativity. The time went really fast and once again I learnt a lot.

Board Development session, March 2010

Dear Kate, Thankyou. We all enjoyed the session and got the outcomes we wanted.

Child Safe Environments training, March 2010

  • The trainer made it a relaxed and comfortable environment
  • I liked the easy manner and the information that was imparted
  • The spread of activities kept my attention throughout the course and kept it interesting
  • The presenter made the session interesting and interactive
  • The information was clearly and concisely delivered
  • We gained a lot of interesting knowledge and insight into child protection issues
  • Difficult subject matter was made easier via the activities Kate arranged for us
  • Great presenter, clear, interactive!

Child Safe Environments training, April 2010

  • I liked how casual and interactive the course was.
  • It wasn’t boring!
  • Most of all I liked the trainer – the variety, sit down, get up, the DVDs, the group discussion and activities – Kate kept me interested the whole day!
  • Kate was engaging – she knew her material and ‘kept it real’, was always able to explain further. I really enjoyed her presentation and will ask her back again.

Organisational Development session – February 2010

Thanks very much for facilitating Saturday’s meeting. It was extremely useful and informative.

Organising and facilitating - Planning Forum, March 2010

Thanks so much for your work for the event.  We certainly did capture a lot of Challenges and Opportunities on the day, and it all helps to set the scene for future consultations and partnerships across the region.

Project for a Peak Body, February 2010

Good work – thanks again Kate – this is a huge move forward.

Public Speaking Skills training, 2009

Thanks for presenting the Public Speaking Skills session for our members… the feedback was excellent.

Media Awareness training, 2009

What did the presenter do well?

  • Explained all concepts very well and gave great examples, tips and techniques
  • Very engaging and knowledgeable
  • Very friendly, knew her subject. Excellent content, lots of interaction which allowed group to share experiences
  • Communicates well and has experience to talk knowledgeably
  • Everything
  • Interacted well and interesting
  • Made it fun and interesting
  • Interactive
  • Good practical examples, interesting anecdotes.