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Writing Made Right


I’ve been writing, proofreading and editing business and technical documents for more than twenty years. I have a proven track record of getting work done on time and on budget. I can make your writing clearer, easier to follow and more engaging to make you and your business or organisation look more polished and more professional. Writing that needs a light fine-tuning will take less time than work that requires a major makeover before publication (on paper or on your website or on social media pages) – you pay for only what is needed. Less mess in your documents or on your website means less stress for you. And that’s always a good thing.

Proofreading – checking text – spelling & punctuation errors, fixing incorrect or clunky grammar. Checking hyphenation, treatment of key terms, formatting etc., including website microcopy, weblinks and visual components.

Editing – reviewing outlines, editing text (improving structure, content, language, style and presentation), checking sequencing and lists, checking headlines, checking transitions.

Checking Website Microcopy –  checking text on buttons, labels and instructions in fields/error boxes (the little things that help users ‘do ‘stuff’ on your website) because – good or bad – these all affect the user’s experience of your website.

Checking Social Media Posts – reviewing your news/blog posts and social posts before publication to catch errors and tweak tone or content.

Checking Online Newsletters and Email Campaigns – editing or proofreading of your online newsletters before publication.

Checking Facts – checking the accuracy of information presented as fact and checking references or quotes against original sources for all documents, online posts and newsletters.


Contact me (email is best) and we’ll arrange for a sample edit so you can see how I can make your writing right!